The Origins

Flat Octopus is an international artist- and curator-run collective in Stockholm, Sweden, started in 2019. It consists of seven people with different professional and cultural backgrounds.

The Name

The title, Flat Octopus, points to the flat hierarchy structure of the collective and the main concept of apartment (flat) exhibitions. The octopus is a playful twist, as ‘octopus’ commonly refers to large scale business corporations, an opposite to the nature of the collective.

The Concept

Flat Octopus works with apartment exhibitions. For each exhibition the members of Flat Octopus invite an artist or curator to take over one of their members’ or guest apartments where he/she stays for a period and produces an exhibition. Aside from this the collective organises workshops and external projects and collaborations locally and internationally.

The Flats

Flat Octopus holds exhibitions in selected apartments located in Stockholm and Uppsala.

The Members

Edit Fándly by Erik Wijkström

Edit Fándly
(b. 1985, Nagykároly, Romania) is a Hungarian curator with a background in art history and literary studies. After establishing herself in Budapest, she is currently based in Stockholm, being involved in several exhibition projects in the capacity of artistic coordinator and independent curator. Loves to swim, explore new cities and occasionally get lost in unknown places.

Juanma González by Amr Hamid

Juanma González
(b. 1977, Madrid, Spain) is an artist currently working and living in Stockholm. He graduated from Kungliga Konsthögskolan in Stockholm 2016 and in Media from Universidad Europea in Madrid 1999. He uses walking as a method for making art. For the last five years, Juanma has been researching pilgrimage as a contemporary phenomena through the postgraduate courses Research Lab at KKH 2017 and Sites and Situations at Konstfack 2018. 

Paulina Granat by Edit Fándly

Paulina Granat
(b. 1992, Stockholm, Sweden) is a cultural manager, curator and artist currently pursuing a master’s degree via the programme for Curating Arts at Stockholm University. She can frequently be seen sketching portraits of people on the commuter train or cuddled up in bed with a good book, science fiction movie or project. In her artistic practice, Paulina enjoys experimenting with artists’ books, plastic and textiles, exploring alternative worlds and oddities within her immediate environment.

Amr Hamid by Alice Máselníková

Amr Hamid
(b. 1986, Dakahlia, Egypt) Artist based in Stockholm. whose practice includes drawing, text, sound, and other experiment-based mediums. In his works, Hamid is interested in documentation and how the internet and technology affects human behavior. His works often combine different methods such as archiving, philosophical inquiry and sarcastic. Holds a BFA with Honours from The Faculty Of Fine Arts in Cairo.​

Alice Máselníková by Franziska Sperling

Alice Máselníková
(b. 1989, Zlín, Czech Republic) Painter who mostly paints naked people and strange deformed bodies. Curator with focus on the artist-run sector. BA in Art and Philosophy from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Arts and Design, Dundee, MA in Curating Art from Stockholm University, studied Bellas Artes at Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Has a penchant for books, whisky, octopodes and discussions, ideally all combined in one beautiful blend.

Franziska Sperling by Juanma González

Franziska Sperling
(b. 1991, Neubrandenburg, Germany) is a Stockholm-based cultural manager with an MA in Cultural Science from Leipzig University, DE. She guides curious people through exhibitions, coordinates a museum’s everyday public life and fills stages and other realms with performance art and vivid discussions. Enjoys to go for long runs, loves Chinese money plants, sitting in cafés for a chat with friends and reading.

Erik Wijkström by Paulina Granat

Erik Wijkström,
(b. 1976, Västerås, Sweden) is an artist with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Erik Wijkström randomly reorganises, restructures and reevaluates reality to crush convention, conformity and compliance. His practice includes performance, illustration, installations, machinery and organisation of art events. Erik Wijkström is a skilled gallery technician and currently holds a position as such somewhere in Stockholm.

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