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13 December: Croquis, julmarknad & fest

Book the date! Come life-draw, and then join us for a Christmas-infused market with live music and festivities. You can buy and/or bring & sell art, clothes, books, your famous chocolate cookies or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Jaana Sundström – Den här gången ska jag (be)hålla mig för mig själv. 15–17 November 2019

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Jaana Sundström, Kruthålen igenom mors garderob fyllde skogen med lavendel och kortison, 2019.

Croquis / life model session & art chat with Flat Octopus on Friday, 4 October 2019.

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Flat Octopus on Artist-Run Alliance

Flat Octopus now has its profile on Artist-Run Alliance, one of the largest online platforms that gathers artist-run initiatives from around the world and allows them to upload their events, open calls and other opportunities to share with peers and audiences around the globe.


Flat Octopus launches its first exhibition with Danish artist Louise Sparre

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Our tentacles spread to Instagram

Did you know? Flat Octopus also skillfully tentacled its way to the mythic realms of Instagram. Follow us to get extra insights into an octopus life.