Life drawing in circle / A circular life drawing

Life drawing in circle / A circular life drawing
Wednesday, 19 August 2020, 18-21

A very relaxed life drawing session for everyone from beginners to full-blown-master-artists.
We sit in a circle, semicircle or another constellation and take turns in drawing each other / posing for the group. (With clothes on, this is not a croquis session – but any level of dress or undress is fine with us if that is what your heart desires).
Each ’round’ has a specific focus (e.g. quick pose, facial expression, body posture, shortcuts/contortion etc).

Bring your own materials. There will be some spare pencils and paper to work with + music + chat + advice on request + drinks.
The event is free of cost.
The location is at the corner of Grindsgatan & Hallandsgatan, next to Resenlundsparken. Co-hosted with Amigos Design.

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Supported by Nordisk Kulturfond