1st Stockholm Painters’ Salon.

19 November–12 December 2021

Jesper Thour, Vakt/Guard (cropped), oil on wood, 47 x 66 cm, 2020

1st Stockholm Painters’ Salon
19 November–12 December

A celebration of painting,
a festivity of painters,
a pure joy of paint,
a love-painted passion.

Address: Candyland, Gotlandsgatan 76, 116 38 Stockholm
Vernissage: Friday 19 November 17–22; instant composition by Paul Pignon and Mara Peiseniece at 18.00
Christmas Market: Saturday 11 December 13–20
Opening hours: Friday–Sunday 13–16 until 12 December

Presented by Flat Octopus as a guest curator at Candyland.

A group exhibition of painters only. The 1st Stockholm Painters’ Salon brings a concentrated blast of contemporary Sweden-based painting across a range of expressions. More than 30 painters in less than 20 m2. Love painting and it will love you back!



Narek Aghajanyan (b. Yerevan, Armenia) is a painter based in Stockholm who uses material and its traits as a point of departure. The working of the hands is more important to him than the finished work: it is through movement that a person can understand both their own and the world’s creative possibilities.

Palle Ankersen (b. 1995, Ängelholm, Sweden) is a draftsman, painter and musician. Working with themes such as fiction, religion, lost or future civilisations and stylised representations of nature, he wants to make his fantasies physical and describe reality with the language of dreams.

Lovisa Axellie (b. 1991, Falun, Sweden) is a painter and landscape architect. She mostly works with themes related to home and ordinary situations. In painting you are allowed to explore otherwise fleeting moments and in that new ideas and meanings can emerge.

Ami Bergman (b.1966, Gothenburg, Sweden) is a visual artist who lives and works in Malmö. Her art practice centres on reconciliation with own body image, embrace of the self and practice of self-healing.

Niklas Delin (b. 1989, Stockholm, Sweden) is a painter working with motifs he has a strong personal connection to. From the view of a walking observer he depicts the surroundings of where he lives and the places where he grew up.

Vinícius dos Santos (b.1987, Novo Hamburgo, Brazil) is a painter studying at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

Nikki Fager Myrholm (b. 1991) is a Swedish artist educated in Fine Art at Bergen Art Academy and Konstfack. She works with painting, text and sculpture, exploring themes of loss and grief and what they entail.

Johan Franzén is a painter living and working in Stockholm, a graduate of the Royal Institute of Art. His paintings are of people and things to whom he has a personal relationship. He is interested in filters and representations of reality.

Tilde Hansen (b. 1995, Stockholm, Sweden) is a painter and ceramicist. Exploring memories, nature, nostalgia and perishability through intuitive painting and materiality.

Amanda Hellsten (b. 1989, Umeå, Sweden) is an artist currently living and working in Stockholm. Her practice involves painting and sculpture; it refers to pop culture and often includes subtle queer themes and contemplation of body image and beauty.

Oskar Hult (b.1986) educated at the Royal Institute of Art and Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna is a painter working with a range of materials but always on a flat surface. Represented by Anna Bohman Gallery, Stockholm.

Martin Jacobson (b. 1978, Stockholm, Sweden) is a visual artist based in Stockholm. His practice can be seen as an associative stream generating from art history, pop culture and mythology.

Bengt Jahnsson-Wennberg (b. 1965, Stockholm, Sweden), MFA from Umeå Art Academy, makes paintings and installations with a narrative character. He also writes.

Luboš Janota (b. 1946). Painter and printmaker, lives in Stockholm.

Martin Lundberg (b. 1981, Stockholm, Sweden) is a painter based in Stockholm. His works develop in a dialectic of application of color and motion which together yield and expose the painting’s next step and turn in the process.

Lisa Lundgren (b. 1987, Ödenäs, Sweden) paints with thin oil colour on raw linen canvas; represented by Björkholmen Gallery, Stockholm. Her figurative paintings usually depict scenes, openings and secret portals that lead beyond the visible.

Alice Máselníková (b. 1989, Zlín, Czech Republic) is a painter, curator and editor based in Stockholm. Life models, poetry, bodies and minds intertwine to capture the fleeting moment, intimacy of touch and strange subtleties of pain.

Kenneth Pils (b. 1964, Jönköping) works with painting, printmaking and sculpture using mainly watercolour in combination with photographic images and random processes. He sees the artwork as an independent unit with which he initiates a dialogue to reveal unpredictable meanings.

Lena Pårup (b. 1950, Uppsala, Sweden) is a visual artist based in Stockholm. She combines narrative and emotional approach to art. Her artwork focuses on memory, body and mind.

Pontus Raud (b. 1962, Uppsala, Sweden) is a visual artist and curator based in Stockholm. He works with oil pastels in a factual figurative painting, where expression and content radically change form through different positioning and grouping in composition.

William Reed (b. 1991, Lund, Sweden) draws inspiration from mythological and historical imagery to create a fictional narrative with a contemporary twist. Like a colorful Dante’s Inferno where all of our imprints haunt us today.

Andreas Ribbung (b. 1967, Gustavsberg, Sweden) is a visual artist based in Stockholm. His main medium is painting – semi-abstract motifs circulating around perception and recognition, balancing the non-figurative and figurative.

Hanna Rössner (b. 1972) is a Swedish artist who works in a variety of media including painting, photography, film, sculpture and installation. Exploration of emotional experiences and feelings in the artistic process is an important driving force in her practice; she strives to form her relationship with a place rather than change the place itself.

Johan Sandström (b. 1963 in Stockholm) is a visual artist, curator and architect based in Malmö. He works in a dada/surrealist tradition, exploring and connecting different themes and expressions of modern culture in relation to irrational and primitive aspects of human behaviour.

Alexander Skats (b. 1986, Gothenburg, Sweden) lives and works in Malmö. His practice is based around collecting visual material culled from various sources; from art history to popular culture, taking notes through images to explore themes of representation, memory, mythology, desire, technology and history.

Gunilla Sköld Feiler (b. 1953) is painter, multidisciplinary artist and curator at the artist-run space TEGEN2. Studies: The Royal Academy of Arts in Stockholm.

Hanna Stansvik (b. 1987, Hallsberg, Sweden) is a visual artist predominantly using herself as a model. Doing this, she can stage a sense of privacy and aloneness invoking play, ordinary life and subversion of the gaze.

Jesper Thour (b. 1993, Växjö, Sweden) is a visual artist who works mainly with painting and installation. His art practice focuses on masculinity, group affiliation and his own shortcomings, fables from a boy’s visual world with an adult perspective.

Peter Varhelyi (b. 1955 in Solna, Sweden) works with painting and sculpture in theatrical and scientific contexts, the topics usually being nature in all its forms and the wonder of existence.

Mattias Wallin (b. 1975, Västerbotten, Sweden) is an artist within the field of abstract painting based in Stockholm. He works with a layer-upon-layer method of rebuilding and negotiating the structure and thoughts behind the painting itself.

Olle Wärnbäck (b 1978, Stockholm, Sweden) is a visual artist based in Stockholm. His paintings are amalgamations of experiences and the imagined.

Nils Gunnar Zander (b.1944, Stockholm, Sweden) is a painter and sculptor based in Stockholm. His works consistently circle themes as Earth, Desert, Mankind and Silence; he also works with the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer and Japanese haiku poems and reprints them in his picture series ‘Art in three lines’.

Martin Ålund (b. 1967, Skellefteå) is a visual artist, musician and curator based in Stockholm. He taps into the spiritual power of art to accept and understand the imperceptible and move beyond the limitations of sense and sensibility; somewhere in the midst of realities extracting trust and insights that he otherwise finds ungraspable.

Thank you to Candyland. Candyland is a non-profit exhibition space in Stockholm, founded in 2004. United by their common interest in promoting a wide variety of contemporary art, they have produced more than 180 exhibitions since they opened. Candyland serves as a local art platform with heterogeneous audience and active in international networks with focus on developing the artist-run sector.

With support from Kulturrådet and Stockholms stad.