Exhibition Case: Alva Noreen – Unidentified Unknown Object. 5-26 March 2021

In an artistic examination I put together different materials and objects in a search for something – tension or charge in the meeting between these art objects. Here I have collected pieces of left-over fabric such as nylon stocking and frotté, and together with a second hand porcelain figurine I have created a new, unidentified object. The display cabinet becomes a playground for a quiet surrealism where a forgotten porcelain piece suddenly starts to evolve. A misfit in the decor, consisting of blind dogs and a pink fluffy, hairy lump.
For me, art is about creating space. I work with different techniques in a process where one ends, the other continues. I arrange my materials and objects in quiet and messy compositions, where the everyday merges with the imagination in a layer of glitter and dust.

Alva Noreen, Unidentified Unknown Object, found object (porcelain figurine), wood glue, wadding, acryl, textile, 27 x 20 x 30 cm, 2020

Alva Noreen, born 1993 in Gothenburg. Studied Fine Art at Valand Academy and took her bachelor’s degree in Textile – Body – Space at HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design in Steneby. She works in different mediums and techniques with installation and image as the foundation in a playful investigation of material and objects.

The Exhibition Case is a sattelite exhibition project by Flat Octopus in collaboration with Crash Boom Bang. For information on how to apply to exhibit with us click HERE.