THE EXHIBITION CASE – OPEN CALL. Flat Octopus & Crash Boom Bang

Flat Octopus & Crash Boom Bang

The Exhibition Case is a new satellite exhibition project by Flat Octopus in collaboration with Crash Boom Bang.

Send your applications to with the subject ‘The Exhibition Case Proposal: your name’.
Include a short description of your artwork (max 250 words) with image, information about the artwork (artist name, title, material, dimensions, year, photographer if applicable), and a short but brilliant text about yourself in 5 exactly sentences.
If The Exhibition Case selects your proposal, it will get back to you to agree on the exhibition dates and other details.

OK, but what is the Exhibition Case?
πŸ™ The Exhibition Case is located at Grindsgatan 27 in SΓΆdermalm, Stockholm.
πŸ™ The Exhibition Case is open and calling for exhibition proposals on an ongoing basis.
πŸ™ The Exhibition Case consists of a white wooden base sporting a glossy glass top display with a deep green velvety wooden bottom.
πŸ™ The Exhibition Case is positioned next to a large window facing a busy park so it is there for all the world to see during opening hours. Many passersby including fluff dogs.
πŸ™ The Exhibition Case offers three weeks for an exhibition within the limits of its beautiful glass existence.
πŸ™ The Exhibition Case creates holds a vernissage at the beginning of each exhibition (limited in Covid-19 times) and makes a printed information sheet for each show visible through the window.
πŸ™ The Exhibition Case is open to applications on an ongoing basis by artists of any disposition.

More information
πŸ™ The Exhibition Case dimensions. The glass display case measures 59 x 59 x 58 cm outside measurements (so count ca 2 cm less for maximum size of the work, unless it is a squishy artwork creature that will fill the case completely with its beautiful soft pliable body). The base measures 60 x 60 x 85 cm (width x breadth x height).
πŸ™ Each exhibition lasts approximately 3 weeks. Opening hours +- all workdays 10–17 and by appointment. The Exhibition Case is located in our office so the opening hours vary.
πŸ™ We help with the installation of each exhibition, organise a small vernissage at the beginning of each show (limited in Covid-19 times), print and display the information sheet, and of course polish the glass case as needed.

Crash Boom Bang is a multidisciplinary art studio with focus on spreading as much art as possible in private corporation enviroments, basically infiltrating their channels and corporate identity – this is also called graphic design and art direction.
Crash Boom Bang work both non- and for-profit in a range of disciplines such as visual identity, directing music videos, creating and animating title sequences for TV programs, logotypes and web design. Sometimes they do undefined pure art.