Exhibition Case: Maria Nordsø Lundberg – Memory & VOICES: From inside to here

13 March–16 April 2022, Färgfabriken

Maria Nordsø Lundberg, Memory, Mongolian papiér maché, 42 x 51 x 36 cm, 2020

Flat Octopus presents Memory by Maria Nordsø Lundberg in Exhibition Case at Färgfabriken. As a part of KVADRENNALEN and in collaboration with the sound artist Andrea Diaz, Maria Nordsø Lundberg will also do a performance at KVADRENNALEN’s temporary HQ in Färgfabriken’s project room.
Curated by Juanma González.

Vernissage: Sunday 13 March, 12–13
Performance: Sunday 13 March, 13–14
Address: Exhibition Case, Färgfabriken’s ticket shop (up the stairs and right), Lövholmsbrinken 1, 117 43 Stockholm
Opening hours: Thursday–Friday, 11–16, Saturday–Sunday, 11–16
Mingle with the artists and Flat Octopus: Sunday 13 March, 15–16. Meet the artists and listen to our chatting about Flat Octopus and the Exhibition Case.

Is an unspoken remains of a past experience, a silent mark from deep inside the artist who has found a way to make her voice heard in art. In this case, a sculpture that could also be a forgotten deep sea creature or a geological shape built after a climate catastrophe, the remnant of an artillery projectile shot in a war that no one wants, or merely the waste paper used only that one time, or maybe an abandoned cocoon by a butterfly that has just started to fly… The viewers confront the work from different angles, connecting to their own individual inner worlds.

VOICES: From inside to here
Is an experimental collaboration between Maria Nordsø Lundberg and Andrea Diaz. Both of
them work with sounds, both of them are interested in exploring the boundaries of their
practices, the overlapping spaces where one landscape meets the other. In the process of intense listening a new unexpected world might emerge. For this performance, nothing is planned. It could be a chance to conflate two artistic practices into one unique voice

Maria Nordsø Lundberg is a Swedish/Danish sculptor, sound artist and singer, educated at Holbæk Kunsthøjskole in Denmark, China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou, China, and two post-graduate projects at Royal Institute of Fine Arts, Stockholm. Her main fields are recordings, voice improvisations in parallel with sculptural formations in glass, hard wood and stone, and she often works in collaborations. Her work has been shown around the world, namely: X-Déconfit, Nice (France, 2020), International Biennale of Glass in Sofia (Bulgaria, 2017) or Museum of New Art, Pärnu (Estonia, 2015).

Andrea Diaz is a Peruvian artist based in Stockholm. Currently she is studying a Master program at DOCH, where she explores the boundaries of sound art from her circus and dance background. She has a deep love for physical theater practices. The research that she is conducting is a set made out of sounds, movement and places that listen and are listened to.

The Exhibition Case is a satellite exhibition project by Flat Octopus in collaboration with Färgfabriken, where the invited artists fit their work within the dimensions of a glass case. 

KVADRENNALEN, PLATFORM FOR CONTEMPORARY ART TO RESPOND TO POLITICAL THREAT is a national initiative that aims to show the role of art in a free society, and the necessity of a free cultural life. The initiative includes all art forms and all parts of the art field. The goal of KVADRENNALEN is to elevate art, and give its representatives a voice in the debate about the role of culture in our society.
In March 2022 KVADRENNALEN hosts Retorikkabinett at Färgfabriken, a 4-week, open-to-all programme of workshops, lectures, video screenings, performances and more.