Maria Hilmersson Landgren: An ongoing constant. 14 May – 3 June 2021

 Maria Hilmersson Landgren, 2018

An ongoing constant – Maria Hilmersson Landgren
14 May – 3 June 2021

Vernissage: Friday 14 May, 17–21
Artist talk: Sunday 30 May at 15 (in English)
Performance: Sunday 30 May at 16
The performance is a collaboration between Maria Hilmersson Landgren and pianist Gunvor Matilda Andersson. The performance will be streamed live on Flat Octopus’ Facebook page.

Opening Hours:
Saturday–Sunday, 13–18
Weekdays, 14–20
Address: Larry’s Corner, Grindsgatan 35, 118 57 Stockholm
Please note that a maximum of 5 people is allowed inside the venue at a time.


Maria Hilmersson Landgren (b. 1993, Skövde, Sweden) is a sound artist living in Stockholm. She received her BFA from Konstfack. She works with sound through sculpture, performance, video and installation. In her works she highlights the boundary between what is real and not, what conditions are compatible with each other, the relationship between what we see and hear, and how we orient ourselves in what exists. Her process often lands in projects that are always dependent on the location, working with sound in connection to space. Maria is always exploring the gaps between time and space that are slightly disconnected.
Her work has been exhibited in various venues in Sweden, including Skövde Konsthall, Skövde; Konstepidemin, Göteborg; Crum Heaven, Stockholm; Hackås Maskin och Kultur, Hackås; Akvarellmuseet, Tjörn; Konstfack, Stockholm; and Galleri 54, Göteborg. She has also received scholarships from the Swedish Arts Council, Konstfack and Skövde kommuns kulturstipendium.

An ongoing constant realises a final vision of an exhibition which has been rethought, altered, shifted and rescheduled. At this point the show has been in planning for nearly two years, but with the advent of the pandemic, many things have changed. The dates were postponed several times and from the initial planning of exhibiting in an apartment the show has materialised in a completely new format and venue. Despite the circumstances, together with the artist we pushed through with the proposal with patience and perseverance. I am pleased to present Maria Hilmersson Landgren’s works at the local independent music hub, Larry’s Corner, which she has used as an integral part of her artistic presentation.

In her art practice Hilmersson Lundgren’s works via the unique processes that are used to mould sound into physical form in sculpture, installation and performance. She strives to explore the relationship between sound and place with her background acting as a tuner that resonates with the tones, rhythms and feelings sourced from the surroundings. The artist searches for otherwise unnoticed melodies to reintroduce in a poetic manner. In this way she opens new horizons to a number of thoughts and reflections that we might have preconceived but were unable to express. Once you hear the newly discovered notes, thoughts float to the surface and speak directly to you, or perhaps only subtly vibrate in your unconscious mind. They begin to unleash the imagination to interpret melodies and spark questions about the essence of the voices around us.
Hilmersson Landgren will exhibit her sculpture piecesShifting Between Movements and Endless Wave, Composition both of which invite the audience to inhabit the space and live the experience. And have you looked up?

Curated by Amr Hamid

Special thanks goes to Larry’s Corner who is hosting the exhibition in its venue at Grindsgatan 35. Larry’s Corner is a little corner of the world for those of us looking for music, art, films, books, and whatever else pushes our buttons. At Larry’s Corner, they specialize in all that other stuff. The more obscure it is, the better the chances you will find it here. It also has an art room that is available to artists who need to exhibit, a mini-film club, and many small cozy concerts.