Painters’ Salon 2022

Molekyl gallery, Malmö. 18 November–11 December

 Susanne Lund Pangrazio, Poise (detail), oil and iridescent acrylic on linen, 30 x 30 cm, 2022

Painters’ Salon 2022
Flat Octopus at Molekyl gallery
18 November–11 December

Address: Molekyl gallery, Båstadsgatan 4, 214 39 Malmö
Date: 18 November–11 December
Vernissage: Friday 18 November 17–22
Christmas event: Sunday 11 December 14–20
Opening hours:
Thursday–Friday 15–18, Saturday–Sunday 13–16
Address: Molekyl gallery, Båstadsgatan 4, 214 39 Malmö

Presented by Flat Octopus at Molekyl gallery.


A celebration of painting,
a festivity of painters.

A group exhibition of painters only. The Painters’ Salon 2022 presents 74 Sweden-based painters to offer a selection of contemporary painting across a range of expressions.

Exhibiting artists:

Narek Aghajanyan
Gertrud Alfredsson
Palle Ankersen
Fanny Arnesen
Lovisa Axellie
Maria Gordana Belić
Elin Bengtsson
Jenny Berg
Ami Bergman
Hans Björn
Titus Boguslaw
Désirée Burenstrand Schyman
Giulia Cairone
Linnea Carlsson
Malin Cederlund
Niki Cervin
Marko Cesarec
Gunilla Daga
Jonathan Danzer
Niklas Delin
Gitte Eidslott
Henrik Eriksson
Nikki Fager Myrholm
Snowboy Fagersjö
Pauline Fransson
Andreas Franzén
Johan Franzén
Richard Griffith Carlsson
Per Gustafsson
Lukas Göthman
Tilde Hansen
Dick Hedlund
Amanda Hellsten
Martin Jacobson
Bengt Jahnsson-Wennberg
Luboš Janota
Ebba Jordelius
Madhat Kakei
Mats Kläpp
Stina Lindskog
Susanne Lund Pangrazio
Martin Lundberg
Lisa Lundgren
Ivar Lövheim
Alice Máselníková
Marcus Matt
Malin Molin
Kenneth Pils
Lena Pårup
Niclas Randau
Pontus Raud
William Reed
Andreas Ribbung
Hanna Rössner
Johan Sandström
Johanna Schartau
Levi Sebton
Selma Sjöstedt
Alexander Skats
Gunilla Sköld Feiler
Hanna Stansvik
Jonas Theselius
Jesper Thour
Peter Varhelyi
Mattias Wallin
Peter Wallström
Susan Whitlow
Sissel Wibow
Gunilla Wiel-Svensson
Olle Wärnbäck
Adam Ytterberg
Nils Gunnar Zander
Andrej Zverev
Martin Ålund

Molekyl gallery is an artist-run experimental exhibition space for contemporary art founded in 2014 in Malmö, Sweden. Their programme is based on a mixture of invited artists and exhibitions by external curators.


Narek Aghajanyan (b. Yerevan, Armenia) is a painter based in Stockholm who uses material and its traits as a point of departure. The working of the hands is more important to him than the finished work: it is through movement that a person can understand both their own and the world’s creative possibilities.

Gertrud Alfredsson (b. 1965, Uddevalla) works with drawing, painting, ceramics and installation with a focus on identity. Educated at KV’s art school, Gothenburg 1980–81 and Konstskolan Forum, Malmö 1983–88, exhibited in Scandinavia, Venice and New York. She runs the project ARTPIT and works as art manager for Åstorp Konsthall.

Palle Ankersen (b. 1995, Ängelholm) is a draughtsman, painter and musician. Working with themes such as fiction, religion, lost or future civilisations and stylised representations of nature, he wants to make his fantasies physical and describe reality with the language of dreams.

Fanny Arnesen (b. 1996) is a Swedish artist currently based in Glasgow; BA (Hons) from Glasgow School of Art. Selected for the Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries 2022, where she was awarded the Glenfiddich Artist in Residence Award. Her practice stems from an exploration of the natural world, and how we humans connect to it.

Lovisa Axellie (b. 1991, Falun) is a painter and landscape architect. She mostly works with themes related to home and ordinary situations. In painting you are allowed to explore otherwise fleeting moments and in that new ideas and meanings can emerge.

Maria Gordana Belić holds a BFA from Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO) and an MFA from Valand Academy at the University of Gothenburg. Belić deploys a variety of strategies to work with architectural references surrounding intersectional narratives, serendipity, concepts of care and support structures.

Elin Bengtsson (b. 1981, Halmstad) works and lives in Malmö. Educated at Valand Academy (BFA) and The San Francisco Art Institute (MFA).

Jenny Berg uses a variety of mediums and her works often present independent parts of sequences of events. She is interested in wishes that seem too big, and in what happens to them in an artistic process. She grew up in the north of Sweden, studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the Netherlands, and has been based in Malmö since 2011.

Ami Bergman (b.1966, Gothenburg) is a visual artist who lives and works in Malmö. Her art practice centres on reconciliation with own body image, embrace of the self and practice of self-healing.

Hans Björn: Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 1976–81. Participated in around a hundred exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. Performed around twenty public artistic creations.

Désirée Burenstrand Schyman (b. Stockholm), based in Malmö and Berlin; MFA from Umeå Academy of Art, Umeå University, 2022. Schyman is interested in painting as an installation and in the performative aspects of the painting activity. She adopts a phenomenological perspective and examines topics such as external and internal spaces and their characteristics.

Giulia Cairone is an artist based in Stockholm. Layer upon layer, repeated movement and the contrast between the (un)visible and the visible are recurring elements in her work. The repetition highlights the bodily movements and the intensity of the works.

Linnéa Carlsson (b. 1975), MFA from Malmö Art Academy, 2008; mostly known for her sculptures in bronze and various materials. Her painting technique and aesthetic are inspired by mediaeval and early renaissance, especially Flemish, painters. The works explore moral and philosophical issues, combining eternal existential questions with modern subjects.

Niki Cervin (b. 1985, Stockholm), based in Malmö. Cervin’s work stems from an interest in wind as an invisible force of nature. Recently she has been looking at indexical sign relations as a way to depict the unseen.

Marko Cesarec is working in various mediums such as painting, drawing, installation, objects and performance. He is looking for irrationality, the inexplicable, and the mysteries of human existence. In his work Marko wants to empower nature to seek its own uncontrollable paths.

Gunilla Daga is a painter whose work is drawn out of private experiences and reaches out in universal terms to touch everyone on different levels. Gunilla considers her work to be about existence, life, being a human, a woman, and finding her place on earth.

Jonathan Danzer (b. 1996, Stockholm) is a visual artist working with painting and sculpting. Using old family photos as inspiration he creates works about memory, sentimentality and places.

Niklas Delin (b. 1989, Stockholm) is a painter working with motifs he has a strong personal connection to. From the view of a walking observer he depicts the surroundings of where he lives and the places where he grew up. Educated at Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design.

Gitte Eidslott (b. 1985) is a Norwegian artist who works with abstraction in painting. Colour encounters and contrasts are central to Eidslott’s painting, where a wordless language is allowed to speak. One can read movement, as in the surface of the sea, and the surface becomes a window to the absolute – a wordless and unrepresentable place.

Henrik Eriksson (b. 1976, Västerbotten), active in Stockholm. MFA from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2003). Exhibitions at Kunsthal Charlottenborg (Swedish Painting Now), Göteborgs Konsthall (A Good Idea), Bonniers Konsthall (Träden Står Ljust Gröna), and Galleri Flach (Realities).

Nikki Fager Myrholm (b. 1991) is a Swedish artist educated in Fine Art at Bergen Art Academy and Konstfack. She works with painting, text and sculpture, exploring themes of loss and grief and what they entail.

Fagersjö Snowboy (b. 1997, Farsta); an autodidact whose work crosses disciplines through philosophy ‘Methexis’ and Fichte – Marx action through things. The space between sound and image is similar to where identity becomes more than a construction. It lives through an instrument greater than a body, and this greater, she says, is “group sharing”.

Pauline Fransson‘s paintings are inspired by her immediate surroundings outside her studio in Nybro, Småland. She works mainly with egg tempera and oil on canvas and is interested in how fragility can be expressed through the transparency of paint. MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2021, has exhibited in Sweden, Denmark and China.

Andreas Franzén (b. 1988, Växjö), lives and works in Malmö. Studied at Malmö art academy 2012–2017.

Johan Franzén is a painter living and working in Stockholm, a graduate of the Royal Institute of Art. His paintings are of people and things to whom he has a personal relationship. He is interested in filters and representations of reality.

Richard Griffith Carlsson (b. 1964, Beirut, Lebanon) is a painter based in Stockholm. Working in a low-key colour scale, he often juxtaposes both large abstract paintings and small figurative images creating a meta dialogue between the works themselves as well as with the surrounding architecture.

Per Gustafsson (b. 1970, Arvika), lives and works in Flyinge. MFA from Malmö Art Academy, 1996.

Lukas Göthman, represented by Björkholmen Gallery, Stockholm, and Helsinki Contemporary, Helsinki. Next exhibiting in Bien Venue Art Fair, Paris in October and solo at Hybrid Cultures, Amsterdam, in Mars.

Tilde Hansen (b. 1995, Stockholm) is a painter and ceramicist. Exploring memories, nature, nostalgia and perishability through intuitive painting and materiality. 

Dick Hedlund attempts through different modes of visual expressions to relay wordless narratives. A search for impossible shapes and a wish to traverse inner topologies fuels the processes. The materials at hand become a glossolalia without sound.

Amanda Hellsten (b. 1989, Umeå) is an artist currently living and working in Stockholm. Her practice involves painting and sculpture; it refers to pop culture and often includes subtle queer themes and contemplation of body image and beauty.

Martin Jacobson (b. 1978, Stockholm) is a visual artist based in Stockholm. His practice can be seen as an associative stream generating from art history, pop culture and mythology.

Bengt Jahnsson-Wennberg (b. 1965, Stockholm), MFA from Umeå Art Academy, makes paintings and installations with a narrative character. He also writes.

Luboš Janota (b. 1946). Painter and printmaker, lives in Stockholm.

Ebba Jordelius is a painter educated at the Gerlesborg School of Fine Art in Bohuslän and Konstfack. Also a trained biologist who works with climate issues. She has taken the course Performative criticism at the Royal Institute of Arts and collaborated with poets, composers and others.

Madhat Kakei (b. 1954, Iraq), studied art in Baghdad and Madrid. Based in Sweden since the mid-80s. His art has been shown in numerous Swedish and international exhibitions.

Mats Kläpp is a Swedish artist who has been working with exhibitions, installations, projects and public works since the mid 70s. The focus of his work the last 15 years is mainly paintings.

Stina Lindskog‘s works are an exploration of her memories. Why are some memories stronger than others (or were they fabricated?), about the different contradictions that rampage there, about loss, a sense of the world as ambiguou and intangible.

Susanne Lund Pangrazio is a visual artist born in Värmland; currently lives and works in Stockholm. She holds an MFA from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Scotland, and has shown work in Sweden and internationally. She explores the vague boundaries between memories and fantasies, and her work often ruminates on the transient.

Martin Lundberg (b. 1981, Stockholm) is a painter based in Stockholm. His works develop in a dialectic of application of colour and motion which together yield and expose the painting’s next step and turn in the process.

Lisa Lundgren (b. 1987, Ödenäs) paints with thin oil colour on raw linen canvas; represented by Björkholmen Gallery, Stockholm. Her figurative paintings usually depict scenes, openings and secret portals that lead beyond the visible. 

Alice Máselníková (b. 1989, Zlín, Czech Republic) is a visual artist based in Stockholm. Myths, dreams, poetry, bodies and minds intertwine to capture the fleeting moment, intimacy of touch and strange subtleties of pain.

Marcus Matt (b. 1992, Dalköpinge) is a painter based in Malmö. His work is informed by a multitude of experiences from within and without, collected and distilled into an idiosyncratic vocabulary of images. Interested in image-making as an act of understanding and creating the world, he moves between abstraction and figuration, connecting the present with the past through pictorial and literary quotations.

Malin Molin, based in Stockholm, graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in 2021. Her practice is interested in the love story between desire and image and how it takes place in the body. Her paintings evoke a physical sensation of pleasure and a tactile painterly joy.

Kenneth Pils (b. 1964, Jönköping) works with painting, printmaking and sculpture using mainly watercolour in combination with photographic images and random processes. He sees the artwork as an independent unit with which he initiates a dialogue to reveal unpredictable meanings. 

Lena Pårup (b. 1950, Uppsala) is a visual artist based in Stockholm. She combines narrative and emotional approach to art. Her artwork focuses on memory, body and mind.

Nicklas Randau (b. 1989, Kristianstad) studied at Malmö Art Academy 2012–2017 and Cooper Union 2015 (exchange semester).

Pontus Raud (b. 1962, Uppsala) is a visual artist and curator based in Stockholm. He works with oil pastels in a factual figurative painting, where expression and content radically change form through different positioning and grouping in composition.

William Reed (b. 1991, Lund) draws inspiration from mythological and historical imagery to create a fictional narrative with a contemporary twist. Like a colourful Dante’s Inferno where all of our imprints haunt us today. 

Andreas Ribbung (b. 1967, Gustavsberg) is a visual artist based in Stockholm. His main medium is painting – semi-abstract motifs circulating around perception and recognition, balancing the non-figurative and figurative.

Hanna Rössner (b. 1972) is a Swedish artist who works in a variety of mediums including painting, photography, film, sculpture and installation. Exploration of emotional experiences and feelings in the artistic process is an important driving force in her practice; she strives to form her relationship with a place rather than change the place itself.

Johan Sandström (b. 1963, Stockholm, based in Malmö) is a visual artist, architect and curator at Molekyl gallery. He works with painting, sculpture and photography.

Johanna Schartau (b. 1963, Stockholm, lives and works in Skåne) is a project based artist working with multiple materials as drawing, graphic arts, installation, film and photography.

Selma Sjöstedt (b. 1985, Gothenburg) studied fine art in Copenhagen, Gerlesborg, Oslo, Leipzig and Malmö. Lives and works in Malmö and has a studio in Arlöv.

Alexander Skats (b. 1986, Gothenburg) lives and works in Malmö. His practice is based around collecting visual material culled from various sources; from art history to popular culture, taking notes through images to explore themes of representation, memory, mythology, desire, technology and history.

Gunilla Sköld Feiler (b. 1953) is a multidisciplinary artist and curator at the artist-run space TEGEN2. Studies: The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. Like “signals of attraction and vulnerability… freely hanging as loose fragments flutter like butterflies – or a kind of materialised souls lifted from the bodies,” was her latest exhibition described in DN.

Hanna Stansvik (b. 1987, Hallsberg) is a visual artist predominantly using herself as a model. Doing this, she can stage a sense of privacy and aloneness invoking play, ordinary life and subversion of the gaze.

Jonas Theselius (b. 1957). The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm 1978–83. Living in Malmö.

Jesper Thour (b. 1993, Växjö) is a visual artist who works mainly with painting and installation. His art practice focuses on masculinity, group affiliation and his own shortcomings, fables from a boy’s visual world with an adult perspective.

Peter Varhelyi (b. 1955 in Solna) works with painting and sculpture in theatrical and scientific contexts, the topics usually being nature in all its forms and the wonder of existence.

Mattias Wallin (b. 1975, Västerbotten) is an artist within the field of abstract painting based in Stockholm. He works with a layer-upon-layer method of rebuilding and negotiating the structure and thoughts behind the painting itself.

Peter Wallström (b. 1960) is a visual artist active in Malmö. Breaks in style are an important part of his practice, such as applying the material in different ways.

Susan Whitlow (b. 1989, Lund). She is based in Stockholm and graduated from Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2017.

Sissel Wibom is a painting and drawing artist who starts from the motif seen with the eye, active in Stockholm, Sweden, and France. She has worked with portrait commissions for over thirty years, including assignments for Dramaten. Maria Bonnier scholarship holder.

Gunilla Wiel-Svensson (b.1953, Stockholm) is a visual artist based in Tumba, Stockholm. Educated at Konstfack, MFA Painting, and Stockholm University, Sound and Multimedia; exhibitions in Sweden and internationally. Ongoing projects around contemporaneity, place, perception through painting, photography, object, video and installation.

Olle Wärnbäck (b 1978, Stockholm) is a visual artist based in Stockholm. His paintings are amalgamations of experiences and the imagined.

Adam Ytterberg (b. 1991, Strängnäs) is a Stockholm-based artist who studies his final year at the masters programme in Fine Art at Konstfack. Ytterberg’s paintings emerge from fictional stories that he writes.

Nils Gunnar Zander (b.1944, Stockholm) is a painter and sculptor based in Stockholm. His works consistently circle themes as Earth, Desert, Mankind and Silence; he also works with the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer and Japanese haiku poems and reprints them in his picture series ‘Art in three lines’.

Andrej Zverev (b. 1974) lives and works in Stockholm. Key concepts in Andrej’s creations are stories of the worlds in between dream, imagination and reality. In painting he revives emotions and sensations of objects experienced in real events and then repeatedly occurring in dreams.

Martin Ålund (b. 1967, Skellefteå) is a visual artist, musician and curator based in Stockholm. He taps into the spiritual power of art to accept and understand the imperceptible and move beyond the limitations of sense and sensibility; somewhere in the midst of realities extracting trust and insights that he otherwise finds ungraspable.

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