Showroom–Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen. Supermarket 2023, 11–14 May 2023

Used image: Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen, Våbensliberen – The Weapon Grinder, performative installation, 2022

Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen
Flat Octopus at Supermarket 2023
11–14 May

Supermarket 2023
116 45 Stockholm

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Thursday–Saturday 12.00–20.00
Sunday 12.00–18.00

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Every day at 16:00 in the Flat Octopus booth: Performance: Våbensliberen – The Weapon Grinder by Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen

The performance combines songs from the Middle Ages and the singing of the working class. It works with beats of working and the power of collective singing, nearly being a hypnotic act. The performance is a song in Danish by the Alter Ego created to navigate the current state of brutality in the war zones in economics and desires linked in a capitalistic society.
Duration: 7 min.

At Supermarket 2023 Flat Octopus presents the Danish visual artist Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen. In his solo exhibition Showroom, we are drawn into an immersive experience guided by the singer-songwriter character ‘Våbensliberen – The Weapon Grinder’ who, with an ominous tenderness, travels through mythologies and warzones into a science-fiction universe

Jonas Kjeldgaard Sørensen (b. 1993) is an artist based in Haderslev, Denmark. His work combines performance, video, and sculpture, where the history of the past merges with the technology of the present. He creates mythologies and uses theatrical expressions with references to everyday life and feelings, but reflected in the horror of our times. He graduated from the Funen Art Academy in Odense, Denmark, in 2019.

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