The Exhibition Case: Open Call by Flat Octopus and Amigos

Flat Octopus and Amigos proudly present The Exhibition Case

⮞The Exhibition Case recently found its way to our office at Grindsgatan 27 in Stockholm.

⮞The Exhibition Case is now open and calling for artworks.

⮞The Exhibition Case consists of a white wooden base sporting a glossy glass top display with a deep green velvety carpety bottom (it’s just dark green wood, actually).

⮞The Exhibition Case is positioned next to a large window facing a busy park so it is there for all the world to see. Many passersby incl. dogs.

⮞The Exhibition Case offers three weeks for an exhibition within the limits of its beautiful glass existence.

⮞The Exhibition Case does not cover any costs nor provides funding because it hasn’t reached that point of being as yet.

⮞However The Exhibition Case creates a FB event for vernissage at the beginning of each exhibition, invites friends of The Exhibition Case to come, and prints out the information label for each show visible through the window.

⮞The Exhibition Case is open to applications on an ongoing basis by artists of any disposition.

More information:

⮞Glass top: 59 x 59 x 58 cm outside measurements (so count ca 2 cm less for maximum sizes, unless it’s a squishy artwork creature that will fill the case with its soft pliable body).
The base measures 60 x 60 x 85 cm. (width x breadth x height)

⮞Each exhibition lasts 3 weeks. Opening hours +- all workdays 10-17, varying with the work intensity of the office inhabitants.

⮞We do not provide any funding but we make a FB event for vernissage at the beginning of each event, print out and place the labels for each artwork and polish the glass case as needed.

⏩⏩⏩ Send your applications to with the subject ‘The Exhibition Case Proposal: your name’. Include a short description of your artwork (max 250 words), information about the artwork (artist name, title, material, dimensions, year, photographer if applicable), and a short but brilliant text about yourself in 5 short sentences (exactly).

If The Exhibition Case selects your proposal, it will get back to you to agree on the exhibition dates and other details.⏪⏪⏪

Supported by Stckholm Stad